Time Topic Speaker Batch 
2.00 pm to 3.15 pm Working of Stock Market - Working of stock exchanges, working  of broker, trading account, demat account, risk management, KYC of clients,  investment vs speculation Dr Aditya Srinivas Batch 3
2.00 pm to 3.15 pm Mutual Funds - Meaning, types of mutual funds, advantages, working of mutual funds, role in wealth creation, SIP and its benefit, Mutual fund industry scenario Dr Aditya Srinivas
2.00 pm to 3.15 pm Fundamental Analysis- Economic Analysis, industry analysis and company analysis with case studies Dr Aditya Srinivas
2.00 pm to 3.15 pm Monetary policy and its implication -Role of Central Bank, Monetary instruments, Impact of interest rates on economy, inflation vs interest rates, Dr Aditya Srinivas
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Organizing Team 
Ms. Saumya Jain (Convenor)
Mr. Neeraj Kumar
Dr. Narander Kumar Nigam
Mr. Ravi Yadav
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