Dear Students,

1. The final date sheet has been displayed on the college website for exams till 13th December 2020.

2. Students appearing for Essential Repeats (ER) or for improvement papers need to check papers on OBE portal very carefully whether their paper belongs to old course (OC) or not. This is for students who attended classes for that paper before July 2019. Please check your OBE portal - any old course paper number will be followed by "OC". Also check the date sheet carefully to ensure that you appear on the date of the old course exam only.

Please Note: The same paper is being held on different days for old course and 2019 admissions onwards.

3. Students studying IT Tools for Business are requested to kindly ignore the UPC entered in the admit card and check their OBE portal for the correct UPC and appear in exam as per the date sheet and the UPC mentioned in your OBE portal.

4. All the students are requested to check the UPC of the paper in which they have to appear on the OBE portal only.

5. For all other queries please WhatsApp the exam superintendents or email at

We have received lots of queries related to pdf files to be uploaded for OBE

The questions and answers are:

Q 1. Whether a single pdf for one question or one pdf for each page so one question can have multiple pdf.

Ans. One pdf of each question. That would help them to keep file size small.

Q 2. Size of pdf should be 5 MB or 7 MB.

Ans. 7 MB.

Q 3. In case student is not able to upload in the given time, no email has been provided this time.

Ans. Last time, 92% submission were on the portal. No email submission. We have given 60 min extra for such cases.


Q 4. Any guidelines for giving names to pdf file.

Ans. You may give any name.


Q 5. A4 size paper should be plain or ruled.

Ans. Any.

Q 6. How to make sure pdf is only 7 MB or less.

Ans. Compress the file when saving.

Q 7. I can’t find Mock Exam for my course.

Ans. Mock exams are not for a particular course. just log in and practice download and pdf and upload.

Datesheet 10 12 2020

Dr. Kavita Rastogi                                                                                                Dr. Rohini Singh

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