Pedagogy is the art or science of being a teacher. It refers to the method of teaching or variety of instructions made by a particular teacher for teaching their respective subject.

Here, In CBS, an attempt is made to assess the students' performance through a continuous system of tests and projects marked for internal assessment purposes, mid-term and semester-end examination to ensure that highest academic standards are maintained. We have 2 semesters per year, which enables our students to study 10 subjects in a year, enabling them to gain considerable in-depth knowledge about various fields of study.

Students are required to make projects on various subjects and may even be required to give individual or/and group presentations to present what they have gleaned from their project topic. This helps them in putting their point across to their class-mates and clear any misconceptions which may have been in-advertently created about the topic in question. The teacher in carrying out this practice, allows students to venture into newer avenues of knowledge other than the syllabus laid down by the University. They influence students to further their knowledge by reading up about the latest happenings in the world of business and track them to gain an edge.

Students are required to undertake an internship in a business organisation on the culmination of their 2nd year or 4th semester for the purpose of building up their practical experience alongside the theoretical knowledge gained in class and through projects undertaken as a part of their internal assessment. This helps them in learning how to interact with other professional’s in a business environment. Many students also prefer to undertake summer internships on the culmination of their 1st year as it helps in introducing them to the business environment and may even help in obtaining a suitable placement after the completion of their undergraduate course.

Student’s are welcome to interact with their teachers, be it regarding their course curriculum, internal assessment projects and even regarding their participation in inter-college competitions. The faculty is ever- ready to assist the students in their academic endeavours.

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