180 Degrees Consulting

1105 hits

180 Degrees Consulting What We Do: 180 Degrees Consulting is the world’s largest university-based consultancy…

4.00  from 28 votes

Alumni Relations and Outreach Cell

855 hits

Alumni Relations and Outreach Cell What We Do: Alumni Relations and outreach Cell (AROC) is…

4.20  from 5 votes


1245 hits

Anthropos – The Human Resource Development   Cell of SSCBS What We Do Anthropos-The Human Resource…

4.37  from 27 votes

Blitz & Jhankar - The Dance Society

3708 hits

Blitz What We Do: We are the Western Dance Society of SSCBS and therefore aim…

3.63  from 27 votes

Communique - The Promotion Cell

5215 hits

Communiqué What We Do: Communiqué, the Public Relations Cell of SSCBS is one of SSCBS’s…

4.24  from 50 votes

Convergence- The Annual Leadership Summit

2545 hits

Convergence             What WeDo Team Convergence organizes the Annual Leadership Summit of the college.Convergence provides…

3.00  from 4 votes

Darkroom - The Photography Society

7078 hits

THE DARKROOM What we do: We are the visual arts society of SSCBS. We aim…

4.33  from 46 votes

Dhwani – The College Music Society

6661 hits

Dhwani – The Music Society of SSCBS What We Do We are a diverse group…

4.41  from 27 votes

Dumun - Delhi University Model United Nations

9220 hits

CBSMUN What We Do: CBSMUN is engaged in organizing and participating in Model United Nations…

4.00  from 20 votes

Ecovision - The Economics Society

7623 hits

ECOVISION- THE ECONOMICS SOCIETY OF SSCBS                                                        What we do: Ecovision, the Economics Society of…

4.08  from 53 votes

Editorial Board - The Literary Society

4419 hits

The Literary Society What We Do: The Literary Society aims at creating a conducive environment…

3.08  from 13 votes

Enactus - Social Entrepreneurship Society

8462 hits

Enactus Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies What We Do : Enactus is an international…

4.24  from 86 votes

Finx – The Finance Society of sscbs

11239 hits

FinX - The Finance Society of SSCBS What We Do: FinX being the oldest active…

3.78  from 46 votes

Fourth Wall - The Dramatics Society

5714 hits

FOURTH WALL PRODUCTIONS What we do: We as members of Fourth Wall Productions aim to…

4.26  from 47 votes


2967 hits

Grandeur - The Consulting and Knowledge Cell, Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies             What…

3.58  from 19 votes

IFSA Network India

1162 hits

IFSA Network India What We Do: International Finance Student Association (IFSA) is the world’s largest…

4.52  from 42 votes

ILLuminati – The Quiz Society

5375 hits

Illuminati – The Quizzing Society What we do: Illuminati, the Quizzing Society of SSCBS, comprising…

4.22  from 36 votes

Kartavya – The Social Service Society

8730 hits

Kartavya- The Social Service Forum and NSS unit of SSCBS What We Do: Kartavya derives…

4.31  from 29 votes

Kriti – The Fine Arts Society

5235 hits

KRITI What we do: KRITI, the Fine Arts Society of SSCBS, attempts to change the…

4.15  from 20 votes

Kronos – The Information Technology Society

9781 hits

Kronos - the IT Society, aims at inculcating knowledge in the field of IT. Kronos…

3.73  from 33 votes

Lawrence - The Law forum of SSCBS

7585 hits

LAWRENCE What we do: Lawrence, The Law forum of Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies…

4.32  from 37 votes

Mark-It – The Marketing Society

7710 hits

Mark-It           What We Do: We at Mark-It, the Marketing Society of SSCBS, believe in delivering…

4.23  from 111 votes
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