Life At CBS

From projects, term papers, exams and internships to case studies, presentations, guest lectures, live projects and more exams, life at CBS is one word: hectic.

The college possesses a vibrant environment and offers a platform where some of the brightest minds across the country come together and imbibe and equip themselves with skills inside and outside the classrooms, learning not just from what the college has to offer but also from each other.

It is your attitude that will determine your altitude. There are opportunities in abundance to pursue and further your interests in a variety of fields or hobbies, be it music, dance, theatre, writing, sports, debating, quizzing, photography, social work among many others. We have more than 20 societies each offering a breather from the regular grind of a B-school while giving you a chance to further hone your talents apart from letting you mingle with like-minded people.

The college gets invited to, and regularly participates in prestigious festivals across the country including BITS-Pilani, IIT Mumbai, IIM Bangalore and IIT- Kanpur and even international fests such as the Lahore University to name a few apart from the regular DU festivals. Over the years our teams have won laurels across all of the these, winning streetplay competitions, quizzes, group discussions, music competions and the like.

The students learn to strike a balance between academics and extracurricular activities while acquiring and honing their leadership, problem structuring, analytical and team skills ; skills which we feel, are essential for meeting and measuring up to emerging challenges in the corporate world while ensuring that after 3 years of rigorous education, students hit the business ground running.

The bottom line is simple: Life at CBS is what you make of it.

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